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Category: Main/Compact Disc

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Full Size
5.00 EUR
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Compilation - Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome 3.  Popular

Label: Advoxya Records
Year: 2009
Format: CD

Disc 1:
1.1. Denergized - Time (PABS3 edit).
1.2. Alien Produkt - Inflexible (Narr remix).
1.3. Nexus VI - Face to face (sampler edition).
1.4. Synaptic Defect - Alone in the dark (PABS3 edit).
1.5. Deadjump - Animus necandi (with a knife mix).
1.6. Spin Provider - Patroni (556 mix).
1.7. Drained Scorn - Bone breaker (PABS3 remix).
1.8. The Pain Machinery - Total recall (extended mix).
1.9. Mind.Area - Sap (mastered for PABS3).
1.10. Massiv In Mensch - Never trust the outline (massive module mix by Impact Pulse).
1.11. First Black Pope - Blackdays (advent remix).
1.12. Mulphia - Who needs god (PABS3 exclusive track).
1.13. The Crystalline Effect - How i get out (advoxya hard mix).
1.14. The-Pulsar - My dream (PABS3 special edition, tuned up by Wavefall).
1.15. Sadiztik Injektion - Near Apocalypse (PABS3 edit).
1.16. V.E.N. - Nothing remains (cut module mix by Impact Pulse).

Disc 2:
2.1. Hired.Life - Contract (DX version).
2.2. cB(CycloneB) - The sun (alcoholic body rmx).
2.3. Sublagrimal - Sangre y Muerte (remix ES23).
2.4. Total Pain Kollapz - The march of the dead (scitzo mix).
2.5. Impact Pulse - Ez a vilag (speaking hungarian PABS3 edit).
2.6. T.W.Z. - The 5th day, the 6th night (Severe Illusion vs. T.W.Z.).
2.7. Larva - The hated (FYL remix).
2.8. Wavefall - Collider (find new matter! mix).
2.9. Snog - Bourgeois (anarchy mix by Recently Deceased).
2.10. Truppenterror - Judas confession (PABS3 edit).
2.11. Asseptic Room - Bones of angels (Larva remix).
2.12. Nothing Nada - What can i say (feat. Erika Kertesz).
2.13. HL-Coder - War ich night (Wavefall remix).
2.14. Controlled Collapse - Inject (Digital Poodle mix).
2.15. Schyzzo.Com - Rouge (burn out! rmx).
2.16. Plague Sequence - Body (mastered for PABS3).
2.17. Niteshift - Alien Breed (sudden version).

c+p 2009 Advoxya Records.

Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome vol. III, double-cd,
double-cd, 33 acts-33 tracks, all unreleased remixes, mixes, tracks.
cat-number: ad-PABS-3-dcd.
pre-orders start now.

Summer 2014 discount item. Expiries after 2014.10.01.
In case of order contains 5 (different) discount items at once - we ship worldwide free of charge in registered package incl. tracking-number and AVIA.

Added on: 02-09-2009

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