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Category: Main/Compact Disc

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Full Size
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Instans - Trans Sector Hyperdrive (die-hard fans collector bundle)  Popular

die-hard fans bundle with all back-catalogue on Advoxya label - 5 albums / 6 cds in total.
packaging: CD bundle
release date: 23.06.2021
on pre-orders from now.

Trans Sector Hyperdrive CD 2021
Common Ground CD 2006
Nuke Fight, Leading The Way CD-EP 2010
Understatement CD 2013
Derailed 2CD 2017

track-list Trans Sector Hyperdrive CD:
01 Human Culture is dead
02 The eagle never landed
03 Dream in vain
04 Space 1999 (Assimilated by BORG) V2
05 Dying Stars
06 The unfortunate death of Max Valier
07 Varsin raket
08 Dîd Planet
09 Into the night
10 108 Minuter (feat. Jonas Fredriksson)
11 Monkeys in space
12 Brain Chip

track-list Common Ground CD:
1. Break the Glass.
2. Combat Girl.
3. Cross the Line.
4. Cause and Effect.
5. First Off.
6. Dreamworld.
7. Daily Routine.
8. Lets the Dogs Run.
9. Treason Works.
10. Smashed to Pieces.
11. A Sign.
12. Hard Work.
13. Act of God.

track-list Nuke Fight / Leading The Way CD-EP
1. Leading the Way (original version)
2. Nuke Fight (original version)
3. Leading the Way K-lub R-mix by KIFOTH
4. Nuke Fight Fatsuit 3CD Unwanted Ltd. Edition by Arzt+Pfusch
5. Leading the Way remix by Mergel Kratzer
6. Nuke Fight The Pain Machinery
7. Leading the Way remix by TWZ
8. Nuke Fight Zeborial Dimention mix by Boron Division
9. Nuke Fight remix by Four Dimentional Nightmare
10. Nuke Fight Momkey Slapper mix by Severe Illusion
11. Nuke Fight remix by Radiumhospitalet.

track-list Understatement CD:
1. Yes Future No Control.
2. Carry My Name v.1.1.
3. Painfully Normal.
4. After A While.
5. He Said Rain.
6. 27 Hours.
7. Tell Me To Go Away.
8. See You Dead.
9. Wasting Time.

track-list Derailed 2CD:
tracking list disc 1:
1. Kosmonaut / Космонавт
2. Wrecked
3. Bullet Full Of Holes
4. Closing In
5. Rapid Eye Movement
6. Destruction Manual
7. Deadly Routine
8. Metastatic Driveway
9. No Storm
10. Catasthrophe / Катастрофа

tracking list cd 2:
1. Painless
2. If God Is a Robot
3. When Darkness Fails
4. Wir Sterben
5. Bullet Full Of Holes (remix by No Sleep By The Machine)
6. Wrecked (remix by Alvar)
7. Bullet Full Of Holes (modified by Amnistia)
8. Wrecked (remix by Antibiosis)
9. Bullet Full Of Holes (remix by TC75)
10. Metastatic Driveway (remix by Severe Illusion)

Added on: 01-05-2021

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